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Mortgage Lending for the Christian Community

The Ritter Mortgage Group is a Christian owned and operated mortgage brokerage.  This does not mean that we need to share the same faith to serve you, but it does mean that we hold ourselves to a higher standard - in both our personal and professional lives.

Jon Ritter and most of our team believe that we are all made up of three parts: our mind, our body, and our soul.  Too often people focus on the first two, the mind and the body, and neglect the soul.  So much time is devoted to earning degrees and seeing how many initials you can put after your name.  Likewise, so much time is devoted to exercising and eating right so we can have the perfect body and live a long life.  Don't misunderstand, these are important to having a vibrant and healthy life, but life is incomplete when the care for our soul is neglected.  The feeling of dissatisfaction will always linger, and the thirst for something more will remain until you address this area of your life.


Addressing the soul does not mean "finding religion" nor is it satisfied by simply going to church.  It's about having a personal relationship with God, who loves you and sent His Son for you.  We believe that this relationship is key to every area of life, enhancing this life and making a way for life eternal.

If you would like to know more, or if you have questions about why this is important to our business, please contact Jon Ritter by emailing: jon.ritter@RitterMortgage.com

"So then, whenever we have the opportunity, let us work for

the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith."

Galatians 6:10 NRSV

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