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Local Home Loan Options

The Ritter Mortgage Group is a team of experienced home loan specialists that are dedicated to helping make your mortgage needs a reality.

Whether it is purchasing, refinancing, or renovating a home, we can help you!

Why the Ritter Mortgage Group?

A mortgage broker is an expert in the industry to help you navigate the sometimes complicated waters of a mortgage.  Mortgage brokers have regular contact with a wide variety of lenders and know which lenders specialize in the right loan to meet your need - at the very best interest rate available.


As a mortgage broker, we are on your side, working as an advocate to get your loan closed.  During the loan process, conditions can come up that an experienced broker will handle effortlessly for you.  Our goal is to be a problem solver, meeting your every need while ensuring that your loan is handled with care and concern for your needs.


Our role is to save you the time and headache of approaching multiple lenders  to ensure that you're getting the best rate and loan product available.  Brokers only get paid if your loan closes, so we are highly motivated to make sure your loan application is processed and approved for closing on time.  In most cases, our compensation comes from the lender without any cost from you for our services, and you benefit from our access to special rates and programs due to the volume of business that we originate.  


A mortgage broker is too valuable of a resource not to have in your tool box!  Contact one of our local, licensed, home loan specialists today for help with your next home purchase, refinance, or renovation project.  Our goal is to provide honest and fair mortgage solutions, knowing that this is the only opportunity we have to gain your continued trust and referrals.  We will put your needs above our own, with every loan, every time.  

Special Loan Programs for Home Buyers and Refinance Borrowers
  • High LTV Conventional Financing with no PMI 

    • 80/20 Financing with 720+ credit score

    • 1% down (2% Grant) with 700+ credit score

    • 97% LTV Doctor Loan with 720+ credit score

    • 80/15 Financing down to 680+ credit score

    • 85% LTV with free LPMI with 760+ credit score


  • Reduced Down Payment FHA, VA, and USDA Financing

    • FHA 0% down payment with up to 4.5% non-repayable grant down to 620+ credit score

    • FHA $100 down payment program on HUD REO in Maryland (203k financing allowed)

    • FHA 3.5% down payment with 580+ credit score / 10% down with 500+ credit score

    • VA 100% LTV financing with 500+ credit score / USDA 100% financing with 550+ 

  • Investor Financing – high LTV or unlimited properties financed

    • 85% LTV/15% down with 640+ credit score

    • 75% LTV with unlimited properties financed

    • Qualify on property cash-flow only (no personal income)


  • Alternative Lending Products – no income and non-prime options

    • 90% LTV bank statement program for self-employed borrowers

    • 85% LTV with recent credit issues down to 500 credit score


We have investors that offer an on-time closing guarantee (backed by a $1,500 lender credit), and have an unlimited float down policy with any market improvement (always resulting in the lowest rate/cost combination available).  Contact one of our local, licensed, home loan experts to learn more! 

**Available loan programs are subject to eligibility and investor guidelines are subject to change without notice**

The Ritter Mortgage Group is licensed to lend:


  • Under Maryland Mortgage lender law by The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation (Lic. #22033);

  • As a broker in Delaware by The Office of the State Bank Commissioner (Lic. #024044);

  • As a broker by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking (Lic. #61367);

  • As a broker by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (MC-6755);

  • As a broker by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation (Lic. # MBR2337)

NMLS ID # 1436890 (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org)

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